The International Date Line

The International Date Line…

Ha!  Today didn’t really exist for me!  I crossed the International Date Line overnight while on my flight to Sydney, Australia. I guess that means I don’t have to write a blog entry for today!  Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

Here’s a fun photo from the webcam at McMurdo Station!  Enjoy!

2 responses to “The International Date Line

  1. ha thats funny your lucky cause when you come back your going to have one of the longest day in your life but you’ve crossed it a lot of times which is cool I say to people that your the coolest teacher in the world

  2. When you crossed the line did it mess you up? or was it like you didn’t even notice? Also. say it was wednesday when it happened and you crossed on wednesday. would it stil be wednesday? im confused! but it sounds fun!

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