A Word of Thanks…

A Word of Thanks…

I wanted to take a moment to thank the wonderful parents in my classroom for the fantastic bon voyage party they had last week.  I loved the penguin punch, the Klondike bars (even though we all know polar bears are not in Antarctica…they are still a very cool polar animal), the Snowcap candies, and the awesome cards the students made for me.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness and work that went into the party and cards.


I also wanted to include a couple of pictures that students in other schools made for me after my presentations.  I hope you are all following along and will ask questions once I get to Antarctica!


4 responses to “A Word of Thanks…

  1. bye mrs.Trummel have a safe trip hope you like it and my card everything in the party was awsome hope you find something really cool in the 800 meters thick ice

    • Hi Seif, I just found this comment…sorry I miss it before. The party was so awesome and I loved the cards that everyone made for me. I’m sure we are going to find out exciting new things in science, so please keep reading. I miss our class a lot.

    • It’s always fun to hear from Husmann students! I hope you’ll follow my blog as I continue to be here in Antarctica working with the scientists. Our drilling project begins this coming week. Lots of interesting things will be happening. Thanks for writing!

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