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Betty Trummel

69 Cornerwood Drive

Harwich, Massachusetts  02645

Educator:  35-year veteran teacher; retired from School District #47, Crystal Lake, Illinois (June 2015) and former adjunct at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (Science Methods For Elementary Educators and Social Studies Methods for Elementary Educators)

B.S. in Elementary Education; University of Illinois
M.S. in Outdoor Education; Northern Illinois University

Distinguished Alumni Award; University of Illinois College of Education; March 2015

Outstanding Young Alumni Award; Northern Illinois University College of Education; 1999

Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching; 1996 Illinois Elementary Education recipient

Special Projects:  Homeward Bound Expedition (2016) an all-women-in-science leadership, science, and strategic program and voyage to the Antarctic Peninsula; College of Education at the University of Illinois:  Program Coordinator (2017-present) developing and implementing study abroad experiences; Teacher Exchange Program with Lulea University and teachers in northern Sweden (since 2002); “A to Z Literacy Movement” ( teaching literacy skills in Zambia, Africa; three Antarctic science research projects (education and outreach and research assistant):  Cape Roberts (1998), ANDRILL (2006), and WISSARD (2012-2013); Antarctic science presentations and teaching experience around the U.S. and world (including Tasmania, Australia; Sweden; England; New Zealand; Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland); Polar Educators International (PEI) Executive Committee, Master Class webinar series, Council and Ex Comm (2015-present) member since 2013.

26 responses to “Contact Info

  1. Betty,
    Just back from my 23rd Polar Bear season. With all my work in the north and many years of comparison, I can tell you the warming affect on northern sea and glacial ice and the effect on the animals are very real! Polar bear populations are dropping and the ice is melting fast. This bodes bad times for the north and their people.

    • Hi Jim, I just saw these comments on this part of the blog! I didn’t even know you could comment here! Anyway, sorry to have missed you in Crystal Lake, but I heard you were a big hit. I’m back in your old stomping grounds here in McMurdo. Thought of the photo you shared of you on Ob Hill when I climbed to the top last week. Your information on glacial ice and polar bears is distressing. We will talk about this together soon. Perhaps you can send me some information to include in a future blog post! Take care and Happy Holidays!

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  3. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am Robbin !!!!!!! Your website is so interesting!!!! I just found out how to comment!!!! And I go on your website almost everyday!!!!!!

    • Hi Robbin,
      I just found these comments, so sorry it took me so long to write back. I hope that you continue to follow scientists on the ice and that you’ll ask me questions if you have them. THANKS for reading my blogs each day!!!! 🙂 Mrs. Trummel

    • HI Emily,
      I had a great experience in Antarctica. I learned SO much each day and it was great to work in such a remote environment. Our project was very interesting! Thanks for following my work. 🙂 Mrs. Trummel

  4. That is so cool when I grow up I want to be just like you and go to Antarctica.

    • Hi Nathan,
      I hope you work really hard in school and get to travel to Antarctica someday! There are SO many cool jobs in science, technology, engineering and math, and many other support jobs that are interesting. Come talk with me and I’ll share more. See you at Husmann real soon. 🙂

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  7. My grandson Jack Petty is a 3rd grader at Husmann and is real proud that one his school teacher’s is adventurer. His mother is a alum of NIU and a teacher in McHenry.

    • I’m very excited to be teaching at Husmann, and have always loved teaching there! I’ll have to look up Jack tomorrow…I’m doing two presentations at Husmann for 1-5th graders. 🙂

  8. Hi my name is Zuzanna and Im from Indian Prairie. I love your website and all of the pictures that you take of the animals like the penguins and seals

  9. Betty, Please contact me on your request for support from the Dawnbreakers. Please call the shop. 815-459-3232

  10. Hello Mrs. Trummel!! I just wanted to say that I’ll be at your assembly at MCC on the 24 of January. I hope to get to talk to you before or after the presentation.

    Love your past student,
    Aidan Schroeder

    • Hi Aidan, I am SO happy you are coming to the talk at MCC. Bring friends and family. I had another amazing experience in Antarctica…but pretty different than previous experiences. We saw heaps of wildlife, HUGE icebergs, and well…I don’t want to spoil my show…come see me to learn more! See you soon! Mrs. Trummel

  11. Great work you’re doing, Betty. I’m signed up for the Ushuaia in January ’18, the one cruise that is going into the Weddell Sea, ice permitting. Your site gave me a lot of good information as well as the pleasure of seeing how the ship has been used for such a positive cause. Best wishes with your work and travels!

  12. We just launched a periodic table with all samples of all the elements cast in acrylic. Check it out at this link. You won’t be disappointed I promise. And when you’re done share the page.

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