Bears on Ice

The Bears on Ice Photo Gallery

All photos taken by Gordon Bain on voyages to Antarctica in the austral summer 1999-2000 and 2000-2001.  Thank you, Gordon, for teaching us and inspiring learning through the eyes of three small bears; Brownie, Berkley, and Oz Gold. 

Sharing your creativity and FUN while on these voyages will forever be some of my best teaching moments with students in my classroom.  I’m happy to share these little bears on ice with my readers.  If these bears could only talk…they’d have tales to tell about their adventures.  An additional link is from the University of Kansas, where the story of our Bears on Ice was used in another education outreach setting.  Check out their journals and also the other educational resources at:

As you scroll over each photo, a short caption will appear on the bottom of your screen.  Enjoy!

Bears - Which Way Do We Go

Bears and Expedition Supplies

Bears and Gingerbread House

Bears and Gordon at Davis

Welcome to Davis


Gordon with Brownie in pocket

Gordon with Brownie


Brownie with map

Brownie at Mawson bust

Brownie at Casey sign

Bears and Gordon Lounging on Ice

Bears and IV

Bears and Science on Deck

Bears and Science3

Bears and the Aurora

Bears and Voyage Log 2000-2001

Bears at the Base

Bears Examining a Crampon

Bears Gazing out Window at Icebergs

Bears Having Temperature Taken With Thermometer

Bears IN ice

Bears in the Dining Room on Ship

Bears in the Science Lab

Bears Looking at Lunch

Bears Making Toast

Bears on a Ski

Bears On Belay

Bears on Bridge Compass

Bears on Hagglund

Bears on Hood of Coat

Bears on Science Equipment on Deck

Bears on the Radio

Bears Watching Aurora

Bears Watching Aurora

Bears With Ice Ax

Bears with Yellow Buoys

Bears, Gordon, Binoculars

Berkley and Helicopter

Berkley Dangling From Rope

Berkley on ice

Exploring a Crevasse

Gordon and Bears in His Pocket

Gordon and Bears in Life Jacket

Gordon Cleaning Boots

Gordon Cleaning Jacket

Practicing Rescue Skills on Ship

Thawing Bears

The Dog Named Stay and Bears

The Helicopter Deck on Ship

Tucking in the Bears for Rest


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  1. Tehe haha love the bears when I clicked on it I was not expecting that but I love it so funny!!!!!!!!

  2. I was so not expecting that but it is hilarious me and my sister(Mia) love it

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